- "TEAS TO FIGHT DISEASE" - Tea has been regarded for thousands of years in the East as the key to happiness and wisdom. Now, the West is in awe of the health benefits tea has to offer. See what sipping on a cup of tea could mean for your health and explore the range of flavors available.(Read articleHERE)

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Seaweed and marine algae have more concentrated nutrition than vegetables grown on land and they have long been considered to possess powers to prolong life, prevent disease, and impart beauty and health. For thousands of years, this mineral-rich vegetable has been a staple in Asian diets. 

There are over 20 types of edible seaweed and even more are being discovered. Common types of seaweed include nori, kombu, kelp, dulce and Irish moss. Some types of seaweed have more calcium than cheese, more iron than beef, and more protein than eggs, plus seaweed is a very rich source of micronutrients. Traditionally, its healing properties are said to include everything from treating cancer, lowering cholesterol, shrinking goiters, dissolving tumors and cysts, detoxifying heavy metals, reducing water retention, and aiding in weight loss. Here are three good reasons to eat your sea veggies!(Read article HERE)